Welcome to Romaxx CNC Router Systems

Romaxx CNC Router is proud to present our HS-1 Series and WD-1 Series gantry CNC router machines. Designed around the software and performance characteristics of its top quality electronics, the HS-1 and the WD-1 are the perfect balance of precision, power, and speed. Our table top CNC router / CNC milling machine is a robust, industrial grade CNC router you can count on for any application.

CNC Router with Endless Possibilities

Romaxx is now offering an extensive list of options available on every CNC machine we manufacture. From a bare bones machine to a fully featured power house, Romaxx has you covered!

Check out our current CNC Router packages that include the WD-1 or HS-1 CNC Router Machine, Mach 3 License, VCarve Pro License, our Vacfoot Dust Collector, and many other items.

Lots of Features

With our Manual Pulse Generator in stock, you can take your projects to the next level. Our HS Series and WD Series machine can now be configured with our new MPG for added ability and functionality.

Check out our new, larger platform ballscrew gantry router CNC machine, the WD-1. It’s perfect for luthiers, signmakers, and many other professions.

CNC Router Manufacturer- You Have The Ideas, We Have The Machine

Romaxx Systems is a small specialized company based out of Redford, Michigan, a suburb just outside of Detroit. With decades of experience in the design and fabrication of tooling and material handling equipment for the automotive industry as well as specific expertise in the development of computer-controlled machinery, our vast knowledge base and attention to detail is second to none.

Putting our diverse range of capabilities to work, we are proud to continue offering both the HS-1 and WD-1, our sturdy and robust table top CNC machine designs. Take some time to check out our WD-1 24×36 ballscrew CNC Router machine, as well as the HS-1. As you look through the lengthy list of features and options available, you’ll see just how refined and well-designed the HS-1 and WD-1 are. At Romaxx, our aim is to create the fastest, most precise CNC Router equipment available today, at prices that simply cannot be beaten.

These are just some ideas of what you could really do with a Romaxx CNC Router:

  • Speaker Cabinets
  • Engrave clear plastics
  • Wood plaques
  • Model RC airplane
  • Car parts
  • Guitar bodies
  • Signs
  • Custom parts
  • Wall clocks and gearing
  • Circuit boards
  • Wood furniture
  • Gun parts
  • Cabinet making
  • Art work
  • 3D carving
  • Product fabrication
  • Award Plaques
  • Woodcarving
  • and so much more!

Check out our customer gallery to see what other customers have already done with their Romaxx CNC machines!