Romaxx WD-1 CNC Router


cnc router photo from RomaxxWe at Romaxx are proud to release the WD-1 CNC Router sharing many of the same fine attributes as the HS-1, rigidity, durability, ease of use and appearance. However the WD-1 CNC Router pushes the envelope a bit further by offering a more spacious work envelope, almost 3 times more machining area. Over 600 square inches in total. Plus higher precision throughout the envelope via precision rolled ballscrews on all three axis.

Bridge: 6061-T6 Aluminum Tig welded construction machined square to very close tolerance.

Linear system: V-rail system designed in house from O-1 tool steel. The ways are adjustable and provide very stable precise motion with almost no friction or resisitance. Enabling the WD1 to attain its very high rapid speeds. Very smooth traverse

Gantry: All 6061-T6 aluminum construction for lighter weight, increased strength and speed, Hard gold anodized finish for durability. All machined components, no bent and drilled parts.

Drive system: The WD-1 CNC Router uses precision ballscrew on all three axis. Each motor is coupled to the screws via precision timing belt and pulleys, industry standard setup. A notable feature is that the gantry uses two ballscrews that are “clocked” together to ensure that each leg of the gantry stay in sychonisation throughout the traverse regardless of the location of the cutting force. Using one largemotor to drive both avoided the troublesome practice of slaving two smaller motors in the software.

All 1018 steel mig welded construction, Black oxide finish with electronics mounted securely on drawer in the cabinet. The table can support a few hundred pounds easily.


  • Travel 20.3″ X-Axis30.3″ Y-Axis – 6.2 Z-Axis
  • Rapids 160 X-Axis160 Y-Axis – 160 Z-Axis
  • Cutting Speeds (straight lines) 160 ipm X-Axis160 ipm Y-Axis – 160 ipm Z-Axis
  • Cutting Speeds (arcs/curves) 160 ipm for all
  • Rapids can be set higher up to 220 ipm on each axis.


  • Table 36x24x8.5
  • Overall 38x28x24
  • Largest Workpiece any Length by 25 wide by 8.5 tall
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Voltage: 110 vac or 220 by request